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Another Wasted Hour is an irreverent comedy podcast exploring Current Events and Washington D.C. area Arts & Culture with absurdist tongue in cheek satire and sardonic off-beat commentary.  Subscribe to "Another Wasted Hour" on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, youTube, and others.

Sep 12, 2019

Do not go quietly into that good night, rage, RAGE at the fact that Popeyes is still sold out of sandwiches! We find a real life Dexter, but for addicts! And we knew Florida is crazy, but won't believe what we found for sale down there!

The Neuro Farm has created a new Dark Wave concert series!  Check them, and other bands, out at Dark Wave Night 3 on Saturday, October 5th at the Pie Shop in Washington D.C.  For more info and more music visit