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Another Wasted Hour is an irreverent comedy podcast exploring Current Events and Washington D.C. area Arts & Culture with absurdist tongue in cheek satire and sardonic off-beat commentary.  Subscribe to "Another Wasted Hour" on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, youTube, and others.

Feb 13, 2017

Did amateur boxer Manny Ramos tell us that he can pull off an amazing Mr. T?  Nope.  Did he happen to tell us that he won a Golden Gloves tournament in '09?  Not a chance.  Instead, this week:

Keith tries to get Victor assaulted.
We talk about that guy who became president even though he lost the popular vote..., not that one.  The one who ALSO lost the electoral college vote.
And we learn where you can find the largest golf hole in the world... well, not really.

Manny Ramos will be competing in this areas upcoming Golden Gloves Tournament.  Although the official dates have not been release it typically occurs in late March or early April.  We will announce the dates when we hear them.